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          Pet of the Month for 

     February-March 2019

RazMaTaz  Erwin

As a kitten Taz was a whirlwind!  He is a real cuddle bug and never lets his size slow him down.  From the time he joined our family, he made it his mission to entertain us.  He "evolved" into a BIG tabby that loves to snuggle and sometimes intimidate our dog,  Gipper.  At 12 he was diagnosed with diabetes and has done well with his daily injection, although it was not his favorite part of the day at first.  His pal dusty loved sparing with him, especially since his sleek tall frame allowed him to keep at arms was quite comical.  He is definitely a joy to have in our lives.

Paula Erwin




 Pet of the Month for October-November 2018                                                                   


        Pepper and Dakota Starkey are 12 year old litter-mate miniature schnauzers who are the best travelers and are always willing to go anywhere with mom and dad. Dasani water is their preference for water.  Everyone they meet wants to pet them and seems to think they are puppies because they are miniature size.  Pepper loves to bark and thinks she is a rottweiler, but has a sensitive side and loves to snuggle.  Dakota gives great hugs and is always front and center to make one feel better in an emotional situation.

 Carl and Darlene Starkey, proud parents










          Pet of the Month for

               Nov-Dec 2017

                         Blitz Bayer

Blitz is a pretty cute 5 year old miniature Australian shepherd with a big bark, and he likes to bark.  The first couple of times that he barked after we got him about four years ago, we were surprised that he had such a big dog bark.  The meter reader told us what a great bark he had.  The only trouble he has barking is when it is time for his dog bone, he shakes his head and either nothing comes out or a very small bark and I have to tell him he has to do a big one to get his bone.  Blitz is a happy dog and hops stiff-legged (and barks) as I walk down the driveway when I come home so I call him "the hopper"  and "the little round puppy" because  his body is kind of round and chunky compared to our other two dogs.  He and our little border collie love to play, and they play pretty rough.  I have to laugh when he tries to outrun a very fast streamlined border collie, with his short body and legs. He also likes to chase his ball and usually catches it when I try to kick it past him.   He can get pretty excited, but if you  tell him to sit so he can be petted, he immediately sits and turns into a statue.  He also likes when we call him Blitzy.  Blitz was the top dog in his dog obedience class.   He always has a smile on his face when he sees me.
         Terry Bayer



                   Pet of the Month for 

                       June-July 2017


                       Libby Lu Horn

Libby was born in Red Bluff and is six years old.    She picked us to be her owner.  When we went to view the puppies, she came right to us wagging her tail and wanting to be picked up.  Running, jumping  and playing outside are her favorite things to do.  She only likes her "Momma" and  "Daddy" but tries to hide from anyone else. Libby has a Chihuahua sister, Mya.

          The Horn Family